Parents of Young Children

Does what I do matter?

I have met hundreds of parents of young children who question the value of their vocation. It feels like an endless cycle of changing diapers, picking up messes, and resolving disputes. Ironically, it is the very repetitiveness of life that is so important. What we do repeatedly shapes us, and our children.

So, what should I do?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of voices telling parents what they ought to do. How can you sift through the voices to know what actually matters? The Apprenticeship of Being Human helps you:

  1. Understand the four key areas of child development and how they interrelate.
  2. Recognize the three most powerful environmental factors parents can influence.
  3. Learn to identify and modify critical routines to foster healthy development.

Here’s what parents are saying:

“The pages flew by as I read this interesting, enlightening book. I was inspired to be a better parent, coming to a greater appreciation of the crucial importance of child-rearing.”
James M. (father of 2, MD)

“For any parent who has ever questioned his or her own value as a parent (especially during the early years), Graham Scharf’s work is a must read. I am constantly on the search for the “best of” practices and information to become a better parent and foster a healthy family, and The Apprenticeship of Being Human provides a larger framework and perspective for me to process all of the information that I encounter. The author’s writing is clear, concise, and compelling. This book reflects his passion and has reignited my own commitment to prioritizing my role as parent in my young sons’ lives.”
Cindy M. (mother of 2, lawyer & entrepreneur)

“You have to read this book. Graham Scharf gives a manifesto on the vital importance of early childhood development. I am an educator and I did not understand the critical importance of the early years (1-5) in child development. Young children who have loving communication, play and other interactions early in their lives are well ahead of their peers in language skills, self-esteem and in many other categories. This is a must read for all educators, parents and caregivers.”
Ed M. (father of 2, parent educator)

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